Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra is the center of faith, devotion, inspiration, joy and positive attitude. It Is also the center of a deeper connection with itself and a deeper connection with the force of life, which is greater than ourselves. For this reason, it can be a very useful tool to open the Crown chakra. Here are three of my favorites that will have this chakra open in no time!

1. First inspired.

One Way to open the Crown chakra is by inspiration. For example, think of a concert that participated or a song you love. Remember that you're feeling. If you enjoy a concert or a song that you probably felt raised in spirit, inspired, open and positive. This is the feeling of an open crown. To Open the Crown chakra you can listen to inspiring music, take a stroll in nature, read the uplifting poem or see the magnificent sunset. All that brings inspiration will open the Crown chakras. Take a moment to reflect on what brings inspiration. Be sure to give some inspiration in your daily life in order to keep the Crown chakra open.

2. Practice Affirmations

The Second way to open the Crown chakra is through the use of inspiring affirmations. For example, repeat this statement to yourself:

I Am open and extended.
I extend my idea of what is possible.
How to develop your idea of what is possible that will help to bring it up.
I Am open and extended.

Now Realize an open, enhanced feeling at the top of the head. Again, this is the feeling of an open crown chakra. Repeat the inspiring affirmation throughout the day as a way to keep the Crown chakra open.

3. Visualization.

The Third way to open the Crown chakra is by visualizing. Take a moment and image of a golden ball of light filling the tip of the head. See this golden sphere of light growing and expanding. Imagine that it is raising your thoughts and filling you with a feeling of positivity. Imagine the streams of golden light coming from the top of the head, from which you can reach the sky. Feel the open and extended feeling on top of your head. Feel Unity and unity with all your life. Feel the connection with force greater than life itself. They Acknowledge: I am connected with force greater than life itself. Feel this connection and know that you are never alone.

As You can hold this vision you will help open the Crown Chakra and strengthen the connection with the force of life that is greater than yourself.

As you can see, the science to open the Crown chakra is a very valuable tool. Working with these tools daily to feel greater inspiration, confidence, positive, and a combination of life force that is bigger than me.

5 ways to balance the Crown Chakra

Your Crown Chakra is complicated because it is a connection to the spiritual world around you, as well as to your deepest self. As a yogi, like me, that Crown Chakra represents a complete understanding of pure "Oneness" which is what yoga really is.

The Open crown Chakra can manifest itself in many ways. Having empathy for others, a strong relationship with God (or what to choose to believe) and the balance between your conscious and subconscious self are all signs of a balanced crown chakra. However, many people have problems with achieving is perfectly balanced Crown chakra, because this means releasing the whole of the ego.

Uneven Crown Chakra can also manifest itself in many ways. Living in a state of continuous anxiety, headaches, general lack of goals, depression and inability to combine with higher wisdom, are just a few ways that can be displayed unhealthy crown chakra. So It is worth figuring out five ways to cleanse and balance the Crown chakras.

1. Meditate. Your Crown Chakra is strongly influenced by meditation, as it accesses the higher self and the greater power that they believe. Imagine a golden light illuminating the whole crown of your head, in this place a bit above your head. It helps me think about the halo depicted in religious pictures. Feel This glow illuminating and recharge not only the physical body, but also the spirit as well. Leave this soft but powerful light again you with the world around you, and to your own true self, your own true light.

2. Check your ego behind the door. Self-Confidence and ego are not the same. Learning to let go of your life-driven ego will benefit in many ways, of which not least important is the much healthier Crown chakra. One thing to consider is that ego is often driven by uncertainty, but true trust comes from the true self-knowledge and acceptance.

3. Seva. Help others in the name of peace helps others, and you will probably be rewarded repeatedly, and the Crown Chakra would benefit too. One of my favorite groups of people I have ever had the privilege of teaching yoga was an older bunch in a care facility where they set up a free weekly yoga session. I Have other instructors involved as well, and each of us used our time with this group in more than we could imagine. Reaching out to helping others strengthens connections to the environment – one of the main goals of this chakra is.

4. Choose love. You Cannot fully love another until you love yourself is a frustratingly true statement, and learn to love yourself for who you are already is also the first step towards accepting others. So Choose Your love, and as an extra bonus you'll probably let go of the tension from the other chakras as well.

5. Prayer. Prayer is a very personal affair for many people, but it does not have to be formal or foreign. Prayer can be as simple as creating your intention in your daily yoga practice. So Close your eyes and let your voice go deeper will be your guide.

Finding the deepest self is for most of us a lifelong journey. Learning to reach the silence that is always present under the currents of everyday life is a great place to start making this connection, and this new-found self-awareness and love will probably only be the beginning of a healthy relationship with so Much more.

The Seventh Chakra, Sahaswara, is referred to as a thousand petal of the Lotus Chakra. It Is the top of the seven chakras and is located on the tip of the head. Sahaswara is our source of enlightenment and a spiritual connection to everything that is. It Is a combination of our higher self, for every creature on the planet, and ultimately the divine energy that creates everything in the universe.

The Real opening of Sahaswara means knowing that you are pure consciousness. You are pure consciousness, indivisible, and all expansive. As you drop in the ocean, you are part of the ocean that contains and embracing every aspect of it.
Coming out of the Odmęty

The Lotus Flower is a symbol of both Hindu and Buddhist traditions. It Is nurted, growing and appearing in Muddy Waters. It Blooms in which there is no clarity. The Beauty of the Lotus is unique to its surroundings, which appears monotonous and lacks clarity.

Upon reaching the unfurling seventh chakra, it appears across the boundaries of the physical body, ego, mind and intellect. Even push beyond the individual soul that connects you to Samsara, the endless cycle of birth and rebirth. You are freed from the shackles lust. The White light surrounds the body and appears to stand out in its dark interiors.
Is it unattainable Beauty?

After reading the description of the seventh chakras, it may seem out of range. You may think, "Well, that sounds nice to the monks and gurus, but not to me. I'm just an ordinary man with a normal life. "

While we have the demands of everyday life and the busy minds that accompany these demands, reaching enlightenment can not be as far as it seems. A Worthy goal can be alive in a continual state of pure consciousness. But How about life with moments of pure consciousness? They All experienced these moments at one time or another. Have you ever felt unconditional love for someone? Have you ever experienced a miracle?

Practicing Meditation, prayer, silence and daily are disciplines that lead to increased moments of spiritual relationship. In fact, these are the only means by which you can experience the essence of Sahaswara. Just as you would have gone to school for several hours a day, and testing for exams to gain a degree of scientific, meditation, prayer and silence are your research in order to gain a spiritual degree.

After establishing the daily practice of these actions that connect to the universal consciousness, you can see the expansion of spiritual consciousness into your external world. You Begin to experience unconditional love in a continuous manner. You Will be more comporable, kind, and forgoing and you show more humility. Life will no longer be just about ourselves and your desires. Your life will become more about serving others, because when you serve others, you serve yourself.
Asans, sounds, colors, and Gems

While Silence is the most powerful and important way of opening the seventh Chakra, there are other practices that support this chakra.

Two Pranayana breathing techniques that can be done before meditation include Nadi Shodhana or an alternative nostril of breath and Kapalabhati, or the skull shines the breath.

Inverted Yoga asanas such as the bottom (Salamba sirsasana) and the dog down (Adho Mukha Svanasana) can help to stimulate the seventh chakra, as well as any attitude that brings the Crown to the head to the floor, such as the Fish provides (Matsyasana).

The Color for the Crown chakra is purple or white, and the sound of the mantra is the universal sound of OM. Stones can be worn or have in their environment to help open and align the seventh chakra are Amethyst, Selenite and Sugilit.

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