Sacral Chakra

The Second Chakra, Svadhisthana, is also known as creativity and sexual chakras. It is Located above the pubis and below the navel, and includes the area of genital organs and the underbelly weave. The Word Svadhisthana can be translated as "residence of the Self", and the element of the second chakra is water, which is equal to the spoistness. The Balanced second of the chakras leads to feelings of wellness, wealth, pleasure and joy. When This chakra is an unbalanced person you may experience emotional instability, fear of change, sexual dysfunction, depression or addiction.

You can open the chakras with creative expression and by honor of the body. The Energy of this chakra is feminine, passive, and Lunar.
Creativity: Focus the second Chakra

As humans, it is part of our nature of creation. This creativity can be expressed as reproductive and the second energy chakra is obviously not limited to children. When you cook, bake or garden, we create. We Create when we find a new solution to the old problem. Every time we take raw materials, physical or mental, and turn them into something new, we use our creative energy.

The Problem is that creativity is often discouraged by creative activities ranging from education. When we pass through a phase where coloring, painting, or cutting paper is completely acceptable, it seems that we need to shape out less creative beings. In order to adapt, according to the rules and match them, sometimes we lose creative energy, and therefore our unique ideas in this process. Adults are getting used to the following, which is true, the latest trend, or what is acceptable to others. Then, when asked to abstract to come up with something new, we have a difficult time doing.
Play as a child to awaken your creative energy

We can feel open and creative in some aspects of life, and self-awareness in others. Ask me to write a book or essay and I can do with ease. But If you ask me to draw a picture, paint, and even create a wonderful meal without a prescription to follow, I feel much less than in the qualifications. But if I had to paint a beautiful picture, because my life deped on the fact that it is likely to rise at the height of the task. Why? Because I would take the risk to get a job.

The Reason that it stopped being creative or stuck taking creative risks, that's why along the way, someone told us they weren't good, or that we couldn't do it. By Opening your second energy chakra, you need to take risks and not be afraid of failure.

Play is a great way to start this hole. Have you ever watched a child play? The Child will spend a few hours building a Lego tower, a sand castle or an exquisite doll house. Then the same child will smash his masterpiece in an instant and start from the beginning, as if it was nothing great.

Start playing like a child. If a delicious meal is not found, what about it? If the potted plant dies within a week, plant another one. And Yes, if your work project is a flop, it doesn't mean that your career is over. Like a child during the fun, reboot. You Have an infinite amount of creative energy in you, so use it.
How to Weigh Svadhisthana

Besides being open to creativity in everyday life, you can balance the other chakra by maintaining a healthy sexual life and honoring and honoring your body. Stay in touch with your emotions and see if there are any feelings you hold. Commit to processing these emotions in a healthy way.

The Left breathing hole called Ida Nadi Breathing will help open the second chakra as it brings lunar energy. Just close the right nostril with the first two fingers of the hand, and breathe in and out through the left hole, only for 8 to 10 breaths.

Meditation with emphasis on the second chakra causes personal magnetism, sophistification in behavior, freedom from illness and longevity.
Asans, sounds, colors, and Gems

Other ways to open a blocked chakra include the use of yoga, mantras, colors and gems.

Asanas that help to open and align Svadhisthana are…

Seated pelvic circles: Sitting in crossed legs or half a lotus position with his hands on his knees to make circles of the trunk. Walk in one Direction, 5 or 6 times, and then switch directions.
Baddha Konasana (butterfly pozy) in front fold: in a seated position, bring the bottoms together. Let your knees fall to the sides and bring the heel near the pelvis. Lengthen the trunk and tilt forward.
Bhujangasana (Cobra pose): Lie on your belly with your foot flat on the floor. Put your hands under your shoulders and slowly lift your head, chest, abdomen and keeping your jackets on the floor. Be Sure to push through the pubus bone towards the mat.

The Sound of the mantra that corresponds to the sacral chakra is the sound of VAM. By Intonating VAM, the vibrations will open and level up this chakra. The Color for the second chakra is orange and the stones for this chakra are Amber, Calcit

Have you ever met someone who radiates warmth and sincere kindness without going too hard or seeming clingy? You may Have just met someone with a balanced sacral chakra. This person is open to the world around them. They have energy, compassion, earthed intuition, emotional stability and the joy of life. On the other hand, however, the out whack Of the sacral chakra can cause a lot of problems.

Your Sacral Chakra is located in the lower abdomen, about one to two inches below your navy. When with the balance sheet symptoms include, but not limited to, the attachment of sexual problems related to guilt, shyness, emotional variability, hypersensitivity and problems with confidence. A Person can act both completely disconnected and cold against others if this chakra is under active or needy and emotionally dependent if the chakra is over-active. This Chakra is the most significant emotional center and therefore, at this or other time, most of us will experience an imbalance here. So let's look at the six simple ways to balance the sacral chakra.

1. Hip-opening yoga positions. If you've ever taken in yoga classes, you've probably heard the teacher say at least once that we can keep emotional and physical tension in many of the hip-opening positions of our hips – hence Yoga is. It connects directly to the sacral chakra. If you doubt at all the validity of this notice, where you grip and tighten your muscles the next time you are in a stressdoing situation. It is most likely your throat area (another emotional center) and the hips and underbelly. Remember also that your hips are moving in many directions-though many people think hip-opener as soon as the external rotation. While It's perfect to do some asanas that stretch your hips through their full range of motion, holding one pose and focusing on completely releasing is a great place to start. My favorite is the cow pozy, but it is tied to another angle Asana perfect for storing and breathing.

2. Dancing like no one is watching. Dancing is one of the best, and easiest way to open the sacral chakra. So Close the door, turn on your favorite music and go. For double cleaning effects, go out with friends as you move your hips to your favorite rhythm.

3. Tone up. By Teaching you to let go of unnecessary tension in muscle capture and is ideal for health chakras throughout the body, it is also important to take care of your body and maintain healthy and strong muscles. One of the main reasons for having a physical practice of yoga is to make your body fit – no pun designed Vehicles for the spirit and prepare your body for a sitting meditation (another reason for hip-BO posture), and the lower abdominal muscles are often the area that People let go. Some of my favorites on a strong lower ABS boat pose (really hug my knees towards the chest), a pendant and poses yoga leg lifts.

4. Orange Visualization. The Orange color is the sacral chakra. Imagine a bright orange glow, healing fill the entire underbelly-remembering that we are three-dimensional. I Have SI common problems and often focus specifically on this region, so feel free to send your breath and orange color-to any specific area of illness or tension.

5. Scales other your chakras. Severe imbalances in one chakra almost always mean imbalance in other chakras as well. (They Act as a system.) Your throat Chakra In particular has a strong connection to the sacral chakra. The Next time you practice a deep hip-opening attitude of choice, you will notice if you feel the message in your throat area as well (double pigeon/fireplace pose is terrific for that). You can also try working pose as a bridge that allows you to connect many of your chakras at one time; Flowing slowly and with attitude, how to hook up your breathing and movement.

6. Let go. You Will see me write it a lot in my blog posts, but learning to let go-unhealthy emotions, people and memories, is so important. When we learn to let go of baggage that you do not need to perform, we create space and energy for new and better opportunities.

In life, it's all too simple to become emotionally shut down or over-dependent on the people around us. Learning to trust our intuition, but it is not excluded by our emotions, is something that-like a lot of valuable things, requires practice. Hopefully these tips for sacral balancing chakras will inspire You on your journey to be the best and healthiest-self.

The Sacral Chakra is Your passion and pleasure center and is located in the pelvic area. While The root Chakra is pleased with survival, 2. Chakra has pleasure and joy.

Sacral chakraThe Gift of this chakra is experiencing its life through feelings and sensations.

The Second Chakra is the center of feelings, emotions, pleasure, sensuality, inadequacy and call.

The Energy of this chakra allows you to let go, to move, and to feel changes and transformations occurring in the body. It allows you to survive this moment, as it is, in its own satiety.

The Main challenge for the second chakra is air conditioning in our society. We Live in a society where feelings are not valued, where passion and emotional reactions are welcomed. We are taught not to "loose control". And we have disconnected from our bodies, our feelings.

As If that wasn't enough, we also experienced the wounds of our collective cultural struggles over the many sexual issues of our society. On The one hand it is enlarged sexuality and glorified, on the other hand it is rejected. This Causes either blocked or excessive problems in the Second chakra.

No wonder we have so many problems with our passion Center, spurts the source of feelings, pleasures and sensuality.

Do you Love your body? Do you Like to feel your body? When was the last time he walked barefoot on the grass and felt the earth feeling under his feet?

The sacral Chakra is also Your center of creativity.

Passion is a fuel of creative energy. Everything you create, line, figure, or Web page, comes from the energy of the other chakra. This Is also where the fertility comes from. After all, the conception of a child is a creative process.

A Person with an open Svadhisthana Chakra is passionate, present in his body, sensual, frusive and connected to her feelings.

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