Third Eye Chakra

The third eye Chakra exceeds the time. It Is located in the brain, on the forehead, above the base of the nose.
Third Eye Chakra

The Gift of this chakra sees-both internal and external worlds.

The Energy of this chakra allows us to experience clear thinking, as well as spiritual gifts of contemplation and self-reflection.

Through The gift of vision we can internalise the external world and from the symbolic language we can exterr the inner world.

The Energy of Ajna allows us to access our inner guidance which comes from the depths of our being. It Allows us to break through the illusion and gain access to deeper truths – to see beyond the mind, beyond words.

The "Way of the Third eye" sees everything as it is from the point of "witness" or "observer", or simply being attentive-a moment after a while.

This Means by studying intrinsically ideas and developing wisdom that comes from a perspective that goes beyond the dualism of good or evil, black or white. This Means seeing and helping others to see the deeper meanings of the situation in their lives.

The Sixth chakra is a holistic nature. When This chakra is fully activated, both hemispheres of the brain are in sync function. Creativity and the synthetic thinking of the law hemisphere is integrated and balanced with logical and analytical thinking in the left hemisphere.

The Third Eye is not only the seat of wisdom, but also the headquarters of conscience. Here you can not only see what happens, but also know what it means. That's where your sense of justice and your ethics come from.

Thirdly, the eye is open, not only To see, but also to understand.

The Sixth chakra of Ajna, located in the area of the third eye, which is located in the space between the eyebrows. It Covers the pituitary gland, the eye, the scalp, and the lower part of the brain. Invisible but powerful third eye, this is the center of intuition. The Spiritual chakra, which means "beyond the wisdom" of Ajna leads to inner knowledge that will guide You if you go. The Open sixth chakra can turn clairvoyance, telepathy, lucider dreaming of expanded imagination and visualization.
Sixth Sense

Your World is experienced by five senses. Even before he passed through the womb, I heard noises like a mother's voice and a heartbeat, and listened to the suppressed sounds outside. Have you experienced the touch, taste and even the perception of light. And from the moment of birth, you assign your experiences with what we perceive with your senses. You have Learned to trust your senses in what you can try, sniff, touch, see and hear. While sensory perception is great in life experience, it limits you when it comes to expanding your consciousness.

At one point, we had to count on the sense of intuition and inner knowledge. Before modern technology, we had to rely on ambient signals and a more primitive instinct to lead us. Just as birds can sense when a tsunami can hit or squirrels know when it's time to gather food for the winter people also have an intuitive meaning. We've just lost contact with him as well as our ability to trust in it.
Feeling your way to intuition

Your physical senses can give you tips on how to follow your intuitions. For example, have you ever had the feeling that cardboard milk was bad? You Feel the smell of milk, look at the expiration date, which is still a few weeks away and even ask everyone at home, "Is this milk wrong?" Then, anything specific does not detect, go ahead and drink but experience severe abdominal pain as a result? This is because at a very subtle level, your sense of smell was detected something was wrong, and gave you a hint that you doubted.

Here's Another example: you're making business transactions with someone, and it all comes down. The Person seems great and honest. But when you give yourself your hands you feel something just isn't right. When The agreement passes, you will find that it was corrupted.

You have Received these tips through your senses, but when something is not visible you tend to ignore it. The Good news is that you can learn to trust these tips and make better decisions based on an intuitive sense. When decisions are right, save them to strengthen that your intuition directs You in the good direction. Keep in mind that just like the animals in the woods, you have always had this sixth sense; You just have to find it.
Ask your inner scholar of Guidance

You Can also use your inner sense to ask for help in making the right decisions. Given your mind, intellect and ego, you are now including your soul in the decision-making process. Just as you turned to the third chakra in the area of the solar plexus to guide You comfort or discomfort, you can pay attention to the hunch or subtle sense of movement forward or to stop. If you are in conflict, ask about the importance of intuition to be open to you to help you make the right choice.
How to Weight Ajna

Just like any of the spiritual chakras, Ajna is best balanced through meditation. Often, a new meditator will report a tingling sensation in the third eye or identify it from the head. A Tingling or pulsating sensation around the third eye during or after meditation is a sign that you open a blocked chakra.

Great technique of breathing Pranayama is called Brahmari or bee breath. Bring both hands to your face. Put two middle fingers on your eyes. Leave the fingers pointing to rest on the eyebrows line and pinky fingers under the cheered bones. Close your ears with your thumbests. Take a deep breath and exhale the AUM word with an emphasis on "M" sound while creating buzzing like a bee. Do it for two or more minutes. You Can relieve tension in your head and it works to open the sixth chakra.
Asans, sounds, colors, and Gems

Any Asana Yoga where the forehead is pushed is good for the sixth chakra. Try laying the child (Balasana) with the forehead pressed into the floor or a yoga block. The Dolphin creates another helpful poses when you raise your head to look towards the floor.

The Color on the sixth chakra is Indigo and the sound of the mantra is SHAM.

The Stones that help open the Ajna chakras are amethyst, lapis lazuli and azurite.

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