Chakras-the Earth Chakra, the place of power

Earth Chakra, Chakras

The Place of power, also called a link or knot, is a position that holds or is Believed to have an energy field of relevance to humans. This Concept has found its way to many belief systems. It Includes numerous locations such as sacred natural sites. This Concept had a significant impact on popular culture, including in numerous games, films and television, the concept is considered analogical to that of the chakras considered by some believers. Often be connected to a geomance or magical lines. Several real places are commonly referred to as such places in this Wawel Chakram, Stull, KS Cemetery, Vatican City and the Bermuda Triangle. Carlos Castaneda is one of the sources for popularizing the concept attributed to the Mexican Indian warlocks Juan Matus, as much of his work in Metaphyceric

Earth Chakras

Now we are going to discuss a very interesting ecological phenomenon, which is of great importance for spiritual work. This Is called a power place.

This Term was introduced by Juan Matus; We discussed His Teachings in detail in the book[20].

The power Places are geographic zones, sometimes large, sometimes small, which have energy fields that are of relevance to humans.

It Should be noted immediately that it is similar, and sometimes closely related phenomenon-energy fields created by plants and technical equipment (transformers, high-voltage lines and so on).

The power Places are located on the surface of the ground underground (for example, in the subway), above the surface, as well as in the water reservoirs.

The Nature of most power places can be explained in the following way. Earth (as a planet) is a multidimensional structure. In it, any manifestations of multidimensional space are present-from physical matter-to the plane of the Creator. Depending on the structure of the crystalline network in the ground, as in whole or in some places with bark, energy fields with certain spatial dimensions in some places may dominate, or, on the contrary, may manifest itself weaker. So the places of power look like "holes" in compact spatial dimensions "filled" with the energy of some subtle energy layer.

According to Juan Matus, the places of power are divided into these positive and negative. To the first category he assigned to places that give energy to people, to the second-a place that will draw energy.

However, our experience shows that the first ones, who are not necessarily favorable and the second-unfavourable. For example, there are places of power that pick up energy, and this can be used to cleanse the body of coarse, pathogenic energies, that is, healing. Conversely, in some places the power possessing excess energy is harmful than beneficial if their energy is thick or contains unwanted informational characteristics, causing, for example, anxiety, depression and so on.

For this reason it is better to divide the place Of power into those positive and negative according to the criterion of their objective significance. In this case, places with an excess of unfavorable energy fall into the category of negative power places.

It Should be stressed that some authors sometimes try to determine the place of power through abnormal or geopathic conditions. This is not appropriate. They are not "abnormal" or "incorrect". The more It does not fit all places of power in the perspective of the Geopathic zone which are the "inherent-to-the-Earth zones that cause illness".

The power Places can be found using divining rods and pendent. But, unlike the developed consciousness these Tools provide very weak information about this phenomenon. With the help Of a wand or pendent you can only say that it is a place of power, only that "there is no thing here". The biolocation Method in this case is similar to the situation where a poor sighted person tries to determine whether it is clear or dark here. But a person with normal eyesight sees the whole spectrum of colors, not just the colors, but also the emotional quality of their combinations and opalizations and sees life in them! This Is the difference between the mechanical, instrumental determination of energy gradients in places of power and perceiving them directly from their own body by fine-tuning themselves as a developed consciousness with their multidimensional manifestation.

The power Places are really, diverse!

There Are places that selectively activate Anahata or Vishuddha or the anterior meridian, giving us happiness.

And There are places that cause the "overgrown" sense of your Own "me" – inflated and arrogant! You can show students how disgusting such "Me" is – so that you won't learn that way.

There Are also places that cause "lack of motivation" joy, laughter at all present there.

There are places of power that deplete people energetically; This Can lead to "dead" fatigue and illness if someone resides there and even stays there just to relax.

In other places, on the contrary, you can heal yourself and quickly restore your own strength.

About 50 km from St. Petersburg, there is a negative power place around 100 meters in diameter causing a strong feeling of sadness and longing. Unfortunately This place covers a part of the village. The Fate of the families settled here is pathetic: in this place it is not possible to feel any joy of communicating with each other…

Even other places of power cause anxiety or fear. A Person who understands the cause can take just a few steps backward but easily ignorant you can fall victim to a mystical horror